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#1 2020-06-17 22:32:31

Male (25), Brazil
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Beast of Burden


im a brazilian male ridder new to this community. Does anyone know any lifter that likes to be treated as beast of burden? i enjoy ridding with whip, spurs and reins.




#2 2020-06-29 03:51:23

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Re: Beast of Burden


If you  are looking for a perfect fit  to  your  desires from the  start,  you  will probably be disappointed.
A carrier or  masochistic type will also  likely have specific desires that  will  most often  not be a perfect match  to yours.

You  should look  for an agreeable carrier  who will  consent  or desires a rider who wears spurs  and  uses equestrian tack and you should  use these items sparingly .  The  actions or  your  carrier will tell you  if  you  are  using  enough  force.

The  relative  positions of the rider and carrier  implies your  control of the carrier. You are sitting on  him and  obviously burdening  him as you control  his direction,  pace and the  duration of  his service.
But this  doesn't in itself indicate that  his perception of the experience is the  mirror of your's.

Whatever  enjoyment  you  derive from  riding him  is  entirely in  your  mind  and  the  same  is true  for your  carrier.  You may find carriers who will obey you  completely while  you are  sitting on him,  but  not  submit otherwise  and  may  consider  himself your equal when  you are   not on top of him.

The only way to  find the  nearest fit  to  Your perfect carrier is to experiment  with  a  number of  potential  carriers. Promises made by  any given carrier are often sincere to  some degree  but  far to often  prove to  be far short in  actual practice.
You may  find carriers who can't perform or even lift  you, or can only carry for short distances.
If you can find another rider  or a  group ,  you will have a much  better chance  of  finding the  kind of carrier you want  through networking with other riders.



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