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Summer stories : Chicken fight to Wowow at the beach

Hello everyone!

I'm coming back to you to tell you a few anecdotes from this summer. First of all, the one with my girlfriend and her two friends. My girlfriend Sandra, whom I had already talked about a while ago (she is about 1m60 tall and weighs about 50kg) invited two of her friends to come with us in a house we had rented near the beach. There was her best friend Tiphaine who measured 1m65 for 60kg and her girlfriend Cyrielle who measured 1m65 too but was the heaviest with her 66kg.

One day while we were going to the beach to go swimming, I launched the idea that we could do a chicken fight all together. I had already talked about a chicken fight last year but it was with heavier girls. At least this time I thought I'd have more fun with those girls. They were very accepting and we started getting into a few fights, and the girls changed roles at each match, but I was still the carrier because I preferred it.

For me, the best part came at the end because I love to see a girl manage to carry two or more on her shoulders, so I challenged my girlfriend, jokingly, to carry her two friends on her shoulders because she was strong enough to do it. She looked at me with a mischievous look in her eyes, and she accepted. The other two girls were intrigued as to whether she could do it so they got into position. Cyrielle took Tiphaine on her shoulders and Sandra put her head between her thighs. At first she had a little trouble getting up so I helped her a little but she managed to stand up with over 120kg on her shoulders. I was in admiration in front of my girlfriend who was regaling me with this show. She wanted to carry them for as long as possible and it took at least two minutes before the human tower finally fell. I had hoped to see that again this summer and I wasn't disappointed afterwards!

WOW Yowie Wowie !



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