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#1 2020-09-08 03:28:08

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Hot Day

Riders, on a hot day, do you spur your mount to go faster so you can feel a breeze cool you off, or do you take pity on your mount and ride him/her more gently?

I would like to be ridden harder for my rider's enjoyment, if I can find a female rider here in San Francisco.



#2 2020-09-08 04:09:35

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Re: Hot Day


Truthfully  neither. Spurring a man  to make him  go  faster would only  make him  sweat  more and bounce me much more  than any  breeze I might  benefit  from.  A steady pace is much more relaxing and since I  prefer to ride in  the woods,  it's better to simply  halt  the  carrier  when you reach a  clearing  where  I'm more likely to find a cooling breeze.

There is  no  need for the rider to  dismount unless it's time for a break  and  sitting up there,  just a few feet  higher cools my legs better than  standing on the  ground  if there is a  breeze.



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